I have been seeing Erin since 2008. Throughout that time she has helped me immensely, both emotionally and physically. I have never met a person with such natural instincts, intuition, and respect for their patients health and well being. I have been a constant and continuous patient of Erin’s because she is not only successful with her treatment methods but also because she includes me in the treatment process. She answers all my questions and is a wealth of information and knowledge in her field. Erin has not only helped me with chronic pain, allergies, anxiety and illness but she has done so with openness, professionalism, and positive energy. She is constantly learning and expanding her knowledge of not only acupuncture but body work and Chinese Herbal Medicine as well. There have been so many times that we spend an hour long treatment together and I walk away pain free and with wealth of knowledge and inspiration to make positive changes for my body and mind. I have and will continue to recommend Erin to all my family and friends.

For 6 years I have benefitted from Erin Thomasʼ informed acupuncture practice. Because of Erinʼs approach, what started as pain management and healing support for a fractured hand turned into systemic changes and increased body literacy. Erinʼs intuition and knowledge helped me better understand the connection between physical and emotional health, as well as an overall heightened awareness of my body. Beyond her intuition and aptitude, Erin is best equipped because of her empathy. She efficiently understands a patientʼs needs and finds ways to address them on a constitutional level. I handily recommend her to anyone I come across who is interested in acupuncture.

I have been receiving acupuncture and wellness counseling from Erin for about two years. I spent 20 years going to different western doctors who all determined that I was the picture of health even though I had mysterious chronic daily headaches, transformed migraines, and cyclic vomiting syndrome. All they could do to help me was prescribe pharmaceuticals that attempted to suppress my symptoms. I had given up finding help until I met Erin. She was able to listen to my body, determine the underlying causes for my illness, and help lead me back to health. Erin has an extremely professional yet compassionate bedside manner. She understands how discouraging chronic health issues can be and finds ways of suggesting changes that arenʼt overwhelming. During our treatment sessions and consultations it became obvious to me that she has spent years studying how the human body works and what it needs to thrive. If I ever have a question she does not know the answer to (which is rare) she will research and provide me with an educated answer the next time I see her. She really takes the time to listen to the person and the body to determine the best treatment plan.Erinʼs passion for helping people is obvious. She is honest, informative, understanding, and supportive. I recommend her to everyone I know!

Erin brought me from being hesitant and uncomfortable about needles to being so deeply comforted and healed by them. You forget about needles, and are overwhelmed by the calming, healing sensation of her treatments. She has an incredibly reassuring and positive presence, and is clearly a well practiced professional.She has a wonderful, light touch and always has the right thing to say in guiding you through your treatment. Erin will boost anybodyʼs confidence to help you heal yourself!